Each day leaves some amount of stress deposited in your body. Experts at Sensus SPA know how to eliminate it. Discover the soothing power of aromas and touch from 9am to 9pm.

Organic and vegan brand SCENS found inspiration in the "ESSENCE" of nature.

It uses pure and active ingredients extracted from carefully selected plants. The creators of SCENS have always been fascinated with the world of flora, hence their passion for pure, vegan formulas. No SCENS cosmetics have been or will be tested on animals. The organic, vegan SCENS found inspiration in the "ESENCE" of nature. It uses pure and active ingredients obtained from carefully selected plants and creates vegan cosmetic formulas.

AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES, World's Best Aromatherapy Brand (2021), is famous for its handcrafted aromatherapy compositions based on natural essential oils with healing and relaxing properties.

QMS Medicosmetics uses natural, soluble, and medically applied collagens to achieve superior results in skincare and rejuvenation. The QMS philosophy is based on five pillars: reducing signs of skin aging, comprehensive use of collagen in cosmetics, personalization of treatments, German standards of excellence, and immediate results. The basis of QMS formulas is the innovative collagen and hyaluronic acid complex Neotech A15®, which provides deep hydration to the skin and makes it look younger.

The Diego Dalla Palma brand is a new concept of professional cosmetic care, combining the power and effectiveness of modern medicine with the possibilities of advanced cosmetology. Modern technologies and a wealth of ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin give spectacular results after the first treatment. The preparations are biostimulating for the skin - they stimulate it to activity! Thanks to this, the skin begins to fulfill the functions for which it is naturally created! Safe and effective carriers guarantee the delivery of active ingredients to their destination. Diego Dalla Palma is a clean and renewable formula, devoid of unnecessary, polluting or irritating elements, exclusive massage techniques and quality guaranteed by instrumental measurements carried out by independent and certified laboratories. "Permanent and pure beauty" - this is the brand's motto, perfectly integrated into the needs of the modern world.