Śnieżka, Łabski Szczyt, Szrenica, and Kamiennik are just some of the frequently visited and famous peaks of the giant Karkonosze Mountains. Because who of us has not heard of them?

However, in the near distance, between Świeradów Zdrój and Szklarska Poręba,
on the Polish-Czech border, there is a range of undiscovered mountains - the Izera Mountains.
Delicate and picturesque mountains.

Their gentle peaks offer pleasant and scenic walking routes, abound in winding paths with rapid streams and varied bicycle routes.

Izery is a land of wonder, delicious trout and pancakes, and the Polish Cold Pole. Beautiful and charming during the day, dark at night and in the morning, thanks to the magic mists.
It is a place where there is no hot summer.
It is a place where snow can fall even in June, and frost catches even in July.

Due to the lowest average annual temperatures, Hala Izerska is considered to be the Polish Cold Pole. You can meet with the term that it was supposed to be Little Siberia.
Anyway, this is not the only reference to a distant land, because Polana Jakuszycka was nicknamed the Polish Yakutia.

The European watershed, dividing the catchments of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, passes through the Jizera, and the waters run across the Elbe to the North Sea. In its tectonic faults, mineral and radon waters, rich in calcium and magnesium, are extracted and used for a long time in the treatment of many diseases.

Access to the extremely mysterious nature, unusual climate, peace flowing from anywhere made it possible
Elements Hotel & SPA was built right here.